World’s First Free Energy Fable: Sinbad and the Jinni

“Boy makes money and friends with the unlikely help of a Jinni”

(Jinni: also spelled Genie – in Islamic Mythology, a spirit able to supernaturally influence mankind)

Inspired by Arabian Nights, it tells the story of a mischievous Arab youngster named Sinbad, and how 4000 years ago he stumbled upon a great FREE ENERGY invention that is still used by millions of people today.

Probably the world’s first FABLE on free energy which is based on a true story – it is considered today that the Arabs DID come up with the invention described in the story.

The story is short, romantic and inspirational – a must read if you’re interested in either:

1) Free energy,

2) You want to demonstrate to your friends and colleagues that “free energy” is FACTUAL and very, very, very, very SIMPLE.

This is a free download e-book in PDF format (requires the free Adobe Reader)


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