Once upon a time

there was a girl

who desperately wanted

to become a dancer.

Child In A Raincoat


But some “good souls”

took the trouble to remind her

(if she ever forgot for a moment)

that she had such terribly,

horribly crooked legs...


“Sit tight honey.

   Be small and happy.”

Sad Woman

How - you “good souls” you -

how could she ever be happy

fulfilling your miniature dreams

and burying her dream, how??!


But then one day

the girl got up

wiped off her tears

and invented an awesome dance...

An aesthetic and exhilarating dance –

if you just watched it

you’d start dancing in your seat!

Such moves


And all the other dancers

tried to imitate her
but they couldn’t...

They just didn’t have

the legs for the job,

what can you do.




Our girl went up on stage

with a hesitating step...


But when she tried to get down...

they didn’t let her!

Flowers --

Flying Kisses --

Thunderous Applause --

“More! More!!!” they yelled.

She became famous.

Very famous indeed.


So many years have gone by

and the story rolled

from mouth to ear

so many times

that the original name of the girl

has been forgotten

from heart and tongue.


But there is a star with her name!

The name of the star is:



Walk out on a clear night

you will see high above you

a twinkling star

winking at you

like a mischievous eye.



It is her!


If you ever feel sad or desperate

or if you ever think

“I can take it no longer”

  look up to the stars

   and remember that girl

     the dancer who taught us

a small BIG lesson.



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