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“Walls of Clay” – Humorous Sci-Fi…or Blood-Chilling Report?

The multimedia novel “Walls of Clay” comprises five books and despite its crazy humor it’s based on true events. Here is a sneak peek into the story.

The very first chapter “The Mother Jumpers Canceled My Credit Cards!” opens up where a young woman who has just adopted the name Liberty walks the streets of Tel-Aviv and uses her cell phone to quarrel with her parents, the banks, and the world at large. She wants to run away to some kind of freedom on the distant beaches of Goa, India. Or some such place as far as possible from her troubles.

Back in her building she runs into John-Lee Stevens, a gorgeous half-Tibetan monk(??) who has just moved next door to her and claims to have arrived from Tibet looking for her…

But did he really? He tells of his blissful ashram days in Tibet and then offers to take her through a waking “dream” in search for her inner truth. Being angry at the world, she defies all caution when she agrees to submit to a total stranger…

Book 2 “My Dream Voyage” opens on the distant university planet “Oxfordicious 22” and the time is nearly midnight, some 11,000 ago. Brilliant redhead student Sky Lukewalker has just invented a medical device that seems greatly beneficial to many patients, and in the middle of the night he convinces his old grumpy professor to help him develop it.

But Sky’s view of start-up success is dangerously limited because he doesn’t realize how badly abused his invention might be – and how he can even get himself, his family and his professor killed by unscrupulous businessmen because of that invention of his! And indeed, a shady character named Poison Snakes steals the invention in order to create himself an army of slave soldiers – sending Sky and his loved ones to die in outer space.

By trickery and flattery Snakes earns himself a franchise to experiment this tech on a small desert planet inhabited by three friendly tribes. It’s in that distant time and place that we find the non-conformist Liberty (we’re still inside the “dream”). But due to a rare genetic defect she’s born with blue eyes and yellow hair thus strongly rejected by the natively brown/black society that has never seen such repulsive mutation.

Moreover, she bugs the hell out of everybody by questioning their blind acceptance of obvious follies inspired by Snakes’ people. Strangely enough, one brown boy is quietly attracted to the blondie.

Books 3 “I Buggered Off” and book 4 “The Big Rebellion” describe the social decadence brought forth by Snakes and his controlled “scientists” while Liberty is growing up to see more follies that her elders have taken for granted. When the elders send the rebellious 12-year old for “re-education” with the fake scientists, she runs away to die in the desert with a bunch of arrows in her back. She’s then forgotten while society continues to progress backwards…

Then starts an attempted rebellion against Snakes & Company – and moreover AGAINST ALL FREAKING ODDS!!! Because Snakes has the technology to control the population through pain, illness and terror; he has soldiers with a host of alien weapons; he has the Golden Eye spycraft orbiting the planet; he seems to have the scientific world on his side and even the backing of the selfish though sleepy Emperor of the Galaxy. Down at the desert planet, the few young rebels have no weapons, no high technology and very little information to go by – they don’t even know about Snakes or about the bomb with which he would destroy the planet and his own scientists as soon as his experiment is done… That they don’t stand a freaking chance is the understatement of the Galaxy!

Book 5 “By The Time We’re Back” opens with our heroine waking up from her dreamy voyage – to a startling surprise that makes her #uc%ing raging mad at her next door “monk”!!!

Now that he’s been exposed, John-Lee Stevens is left with a single option…

That’s all I can tell you at this point, you gotta read the rest (all free of charge) to understand what John-Lee has been hiding – and why.

In the bonus book “Secrets Of The Brain” Liberty exposes the top-secret document that Poison Snakes has been keeping from his very own scientists and everybody else.

Special thanks to Liberty O’Man and John-Lee Stevens who gave us the story.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a translation-in-progress of the Hebrew original. More English chapters are being uploaded as soon as we translate them. THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE.

Ozzie Freedom,
The author


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