Waterfuel Validation Disc

The four-gigabyte disc is a collection of 3,000 items of evidence that covers every aspect of Waterfuel from high-end science and multiple professional demonstrations by experts, down to home-made techniques and everything in between including show-and-tell learning aides.

It is well organized so the receiver doesn’t have to sieve through 1000’s of items. Here you can now download the entire contents, burn your own copies on blank DVDs (the cheapest and quickest way) and distribute freely; you cannot sell it as some of the materials are copyrighted, but do give away as gifts to your friends, colleagues and clients, as well as students, developers and entrepreneurs.

How and why was it created?

And what good is it for you?

In 2009 the voices of naysayers and success-envy folks have become too loud. Their (nonsensical) comments were: “Where’s the PROOF of what you’re saying, Ozzie?”  and: “This is all non-scientific hogwash!”  and even: “You’re claiming to break the rules of thermodynamics!”, etc.  Some jackasses were just repeating what they’ve heard without understanding what they were saying: “Fraud! Hoax!”  And worst of all, Ozzie realized that his entire industry was unable to effectively defend itself.

Back in 2009, the only “scientific proof” going around the Waterfuel industry was a handful of old studies and a very short list of U.S. Patents – and that was it. This much science backing couldn’t hold against any criticism or skepticism. And even worse – it seemed that THAT WAS IT and no more.

With his background of cumbersome military documentation projects, Ozzie took upon himself the challenge of building the ultimate defense weapon – a comprehensive body of evidence that Waterfuel was indeed a valid GREEN SCIENCE that wasn’t just “non-false” but rather a major science that’s VITAL for the future of Mankind as well as our energy, environment and economy needs in the short and long term.

It seemed to Ozzie like it was going to be a 2-week project. Little did he know that it would take ten years to bring it to maturity with an actual print-ready copy of 1200 large format, full color pages, that contains everything – from ALL major Patents and governmental validations, clear descriptions of ALL aspects and currently known Waterfuel applications, what’s mainstream and what’s fringe (or non-economical), and even more importantly what readers of all walks of life/business can SHOW and DO to convince their bosses, investors, colleagues and clients that there was much to do, save and profit with Waterfuel.

Ten years later and tens of thousands of pages read, edited and organized in dozens of categories, the final result shocked Ozzie himself as he could never have guessed that Waterfuel was 500 years old with two age-old goals: (1) to save fuel, and (2) to drastically reduce pollution, and furthermore was well-known to governments worldwide through more than 500 official Patent documents spanning from 1863 till these very days – and that the vast majority of this bunch of technologies that can be collectively called ‘Waterfuel’ LAID OUT IN THE OPEN FOR ALL TO SEE. Ozzie found evidence of some hidden inventions and even official Patents kept secret by government agencies and individuals. Yet the greater majority was grossly available – with some of the very best tech freely available or even unpatented.

All in all, after travelling many countries in search for more information and first-hand experience, Ozzie has collected and published thousands of items – Patents, scientific studies, learning aides, lectures, articles, experimentation notes and photographic evidence from around the world – and then decided to release the entire body of documentation for free use worldwide. He felt this would be the ultimate weapon he had been dreaming of, with which the Waterfuel industry AS A WHOLE can defend itself, make waves and subsequently help the world. Now YOU can access and use the entire body of documents and tools.

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