A Message to Garcia

This booklet by Elbert Hubbard is an inspirational document. It explains the difference between two kinds of people (or employees):

1) One type displays utmost excellence – and is a treasure for employers and society alike. This is the self-motivated, dedicated man. And how one such person who knows how to get things done can make a huge difference – change his environment and ultimately the world.

2) The unmotivated, lazy thinker and lazy doer who can barely do his job and sometimes not even that. And how employers must go through the endless process of filtering through people to try and find the first kind.

Although written as early as 1899, it still holds true today – and a new solution is offered at the end, that you may find interesting if you’re an employer in any capacity or looking for the right kind of people to work with.

This is a free download e-book in PDF format (requires the free Adobe Reader or similar PDF reader)

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